Driver - Foodboy code of honor

Foodboy code of honor

Dear foodboy driver
Thank you for joining our team
What to expect from Foodboy (Foodboy obligations)
1. Foodboy platform will provide you with delivery orders from the restaurant to the customer.
2. Maximum order weight will be 9 kgs
3. Rewarding incentives and commissions. (find the details on our Facebook group)
4. Request and collect your financial dues within 48 hours.
5. We will always try to update the app for an easier user experience to save your time and effort.

What do we expect from you as a foodboy driver (foodboy driver obligations)
1. Accepting an order means you agree and commit to deliver it. Please Deliver the order on time and try not to cancel, as this may affect our operational process and gives the customer a bad idea about our service.
2. Treat customers nicely with respect and in case of any customer aggression, please contact us immediately.
3. Make sure that your car is pepared for food delivery.

4. Commitment to foodboy uniform and using the special bag for carrying the food.
5. In case of facing any problem, please call our operations room directly.

1. Foodboy driver application uses the same logo as foodboy but with blue color, so you can differentiate between the customer’s application and the driver’s application.
2. Using foodboy application, means that you read, understood and agreed to our code of honor.